5 Useful Tips to Prevent Your Succulent Plants from Dying

5 Useful Tips to Prevent Your Succulent Plants from Dying

Succulents are a special kind of plant that can retain water either in the stems or leaves. Appearance-wise, they emerge as a thickened and flashy plant. One can choose to keep this plant indoors all year round. On the flip side, if building an outdoor garden with succulents is the main preference, then the summer and spring seasons would be best.

Every plant has a different set of needs and succulents are no exception. The following tips will help in taking care of these exquisite plants and ensure them a long life 

1- Fulfill Their Sunlight Needs

Plants Need Sunlight

Succulents can be described as a plant that loves sunlight. Their daily dosage of bathing in the sun should last for a good six hours at least. However, it should be noted that new succulents can not survive this long in the sun. Therefore, they should be introduced to the sun gradually and protected by a partial shade till they get used to it.

In addition, the plants should not be kept in one position for a long time and should be rotated frequently. The rotation will ensure that all sides get ample sunlight.

2- Do Not Forget Watering

Plants need water

Whether you have the succulents planted indoors or in the garden, their water needs must be fulfilled. In their growing season during the spring and summer, their water consumption is high. While in the resting season during fall and winter the consumption curtails. It is important to let the soil dry between watering and to avoid overwatering at all costs. Succulents are considered drought tolerant plants and they require very little amount of water. It is highly popular in California due to a restrictive use of water in the lawn and garden. 

3- Clean The Plants When Necessary 

Over time, the plant in one's home and garden as well can accumulate sufficient dust. The dust on the surface can hinder the growth of a succulent plant. So cleanliness shall be maintained and the dust should be wiped off the plant with a wet washcloth.

4- Choose The Right Container


Choose the right container

Without a proper container that allows drainage, a succulent will not survive. So for those who have it as an indoor plant, make sure the pot has a hole underneath that allows water to pass through.



5- Protect From Bugs

Protect from Bugs

Although indoor succulents remain safe from pests, for the most part, there are bugs to deal with. Gnats are particularly attracted to succulent plants that are waterlogged and do not get drained properly. It is recommended to spray the plants with an alcohol spray that contains 70 percent isopropyl to get rid of the bugs and eggs. The plants which are infected should be kept away from the unaffected ones to keep them safe.

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