5 Benefits of Having Indoor Plants 

5 Benefits of Having Indoor Plants 

Indoor gardening has been proven by scientific based research that can lower your blood pressure, improves your memory and is effective in reducing burn-out symptoms. 

This popular hobby has significantly surged in 2020 due to the fact that people were being restricted to outdoor activities during the unprecedented COVID time. 

Here are 5 benefits we discovered. 

  1.   Indoor plant may increase attention and productivity
    Plants might increase productivity

People performed better in attention-based activities when they were surrounded by plants, according to this research. According to one study, adding plants next to a desk can boost productivity by up to 15%. It could be due to shifting focus to the plants which gives a micro-break from our computer screens, that can help us to concentrate better with a moment of brain break.

  1.     Indoor plant may reduce stress level and anxiety 
    Indoor plants can offer stress relief

A study   published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology stated that spending time in nature has been shown to help you relax and revitalize your body and mind. Bringing plants into your house may not be the same as wandering through a forest, but it may help you unwind after a hard long day. Plants' ability to purify the air also benefits your general health, allowing you to cope with stress more effectively. If you suffer from anxiety, the aroma of lavender has been shown to reduce heart rate, blood pressure and promote sleep. It's often available as essential oils and room sprays, but it's just as effective in a pot plant that you can touch and feel at home.

  1.     Indoor plant may help you sleep 
    Plants can help you sleep

Our health is greatly influenced by the amount and quality of sleep we obtain. Plants can help you get a good night's sleep in two ways: by purifying the air in your room and generating a soothing scent. At night, snake plants, orchids, and aloe vera emit oxygen, which improves your breathing while also eliminating contaminants from the air. Choose a relaxing aroma like jasmine, eucalyptus or lavender to help you sleep.

  1.     Indoor plant may purify the air 
    Produce Air

Because of the mixture of external pollutants and internal toxins such as Volatile Organic Compounds, pollution levels are often greater indoors than outdoors (VOCs). Furniture, paintings, and even detergents release VOCs. Opening windows and allowing for natural airflow can improve interior air quality, but this isn't always practicable or desirable especially in the winter time. With that said, placing an indoor plant at your home could purify the air and you can surely enjoy all 4 seasons of the year at your comfortable home. 

  1.   Indoor plant may lower the background noise 
    Plants can lower background noise

Plants may lower background noise levels such as busy street or freeway noise. Plants are most significant at absorbing sound that have large leaves, stems, and trunks have more surface area to help reduce noise. They are also flexible and can deflect and refract sound.

Why wait? If you would like to pick up indoor gardening as a hobby, you can consider purchasing the following species shown below to freshen the air naturally, and fill your ambience with love, joy and happiness by having beautiful plants surround you. We wish you enjoy this hobby as much as we do here at PLANT JOYOUS.

  • areca, lady, dwarf date, and bamboo palms
  • Boston fern
  • rubber tree
  • spider plant
  • Ficus tree
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